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Clan Generator ChallengeYou can call me Lilly or Bloom or just Lilly Bloom-She/They-Pan I do drawings, adoptables, comics, & more! Im addicted to this website lol. There will be multiple parts to this, so stay tuned if you want to see the rest of th. You can find my other generators here. I’m finally back y’all! Have fun with this sweet lil vid!Algorithm:Cat, warrior, warrior cats, speedpaint, art, digital art, kitties, clan gen. be/V7asTM9JoiA Since I decided to make the cats part of a Colony …. Medicine Cat: Windwhisker- red furred female with green eyes. This clan lives in dens which are made with sticks and dead leaves. The Guardian Warriors (Book 1) Chapter 2. org/warrior-cat-clansInstagram: https://www. be/6_x6DPkSBZQwe had so much fun with Cloudclan that we just had to do another!! I hope you all enjoy Waterclan- and the. ROOKBRIAR —a black tom, with short fur, and amber eyes. To customize the events to your Clan, use the "Settings" tab above! 444 events generated. ly/warriorcatsclangen🐈 Sunmoss Clan Gu. I usually let the pairs have 1-2 litters, and then prevent them from having more once a pair produces 3+ kits. Cruel Reign - Clan-Gen Challenge. With, quite literally, millions of unique cat appearances to. Hello! It's been a minute but I've finally got part 4 of my take on Nefali's Clan Generator Challenge using https://perchance. Names and words are controlled by the complex random algorithms. [Warrior Cat Clan Generator challenge] Harestar. Deputy: Smokewater- blue-gray spotted male with blue eyes. clan gen challenge on Tumblr. Read Clan Generator Challenge from the story Art book #1 by MistleSong (Solemnfern) with 154 reads. And I hope everyone enjoys nonetheless!Original: https://www. list-based warrior cats game ] miraqles-So this is an issue silversyzygy. :DNo animations? (Insert megamind meme)I wanted to try. Clangen/Clan Generator is a Warriors fangame. ly/serisims🐈 Warrior Cats Sims 3 Legacy: Season 1 • http://bit. StingClan cats are incredibly diverse, having no defining traits. org/warrior-cat-clansThis means. org/warrior-cat-clansPrograms Used: IbisPaintX - Drawings || Capcut - Editinghope you guys enjoy :). I hate the first one but I love the second morph and the th. Then, using this generator, generate events within your clan. Export Cats as transparent png. Most Emotes play an animation accompanied by a sound effect. The Only Official Fantasy Football Trophy of the NFL. A good way for gamers to come up with new clan names is to use a random name generator. How to Play: Create a clan with 1 leader, 1 deputy, 1 medicine cat, 5-10 warriors, 2 apprentices and 2 queens, temporary or permenant. Food name generator This name generator will give you 10 random dishes, both mains and dessert, as well as first courses if you interpret them as such. Sealpeak's clan is Sunshineclan. Proper lore will be put together as an extra video at the end of the challenge. Read on to learn how our generator works and try it yourself!. There's a few things I forgot to mention in. Clan Generator A generator for generating the leader, deputy, and medicine cat of a clan. Clash Royale Random Deck Generator. You may either create each clan member individually or use a generator (my preferred method) to get a random bunch. Hello! Please see the updated description of ClanGen. com/channel/UCbcJOHqpE0t8LUPahOeIkdA Generator: htt. Scotland is a land rich in history, culture, and tradition. Here is the Clan Generator Challenge with the randomly generated clan, Rosemaryclan! I had I lot of fun drawing and talking about this clan! This isn't a vid. Peonyclan-chapter six Peonyclan-clan generator challenge wolf-raptor. These random algorithms are responsible for the genuine random output. This is Rose Star, he is the leader of Lake Clan. In this challenge, you set up a hierarchy for your clan, which is a little challenging! The leader must be a tom, and the deputy must be a she-cat. He has fairly short, messy black hair, pale white skin, a black upper lip, and green eyes with small slit-shaped pupils, similar to a …. Please excuse my voice, it’s a bit scratchy. rainbow chalenge, no weapons, fish loot only, skybase, mythic only, one weapon only, solid gold, heal off, be taxy driver to dub, gray weapons only. Hello :D FirClan part 2 is here!! Next up will be LightClan, the last of the four clans. LILYFACE —a short haired, chocolate and red, spotted calico-tabby she-cat, with green eyes. The biggest challenge isn't surviving like I first thought but managing the clan numbers. Explore video highlights, scoring, custom leagues and more for your NFL Fantasy league. - Skin color now affects the inside of cats' ears. Warrior Cat Clan Generator FIRECLAN. This is part two of the clan generator challenge. Welcome to my channel! You can call me Russet!Visit my DA for more Art and updates! https://www. There is a lot of spoilers for Warrior cats in this video, so please read a few books before watching this!Clan Ge. Will possibly work on adding more cats later. A hopeless romantic and deeply in love with her mate Falconpelt, she’s had a crush on him since they were young kits. Yeah so if this gets copyrighted hehe 😅. Warriors Clan Generator: FlowerClan. The royal doctor (medicine cat) will adopt a kit, and that kit will be the medicine apprentice. POPPYSTRIPE —a short haired, red mackerel "pseudo-tabby" tom, with hazel eyes. ORG, and my two generators for this challenge: my Warrior Character Gen, and my WC Challenge Gene Gen. Only two kits, Bouncekit and Bitekit, remain. hi everyone!! meet Duskclan! i drew these fellas up last month and didn't think about it again until i saw those warrior clan generator videos start popping. Fangame: Clangen Clan Generator (Warriors) Summary (This work is primarily written as practice, it is not beta read and is written as a first draft with some minor adjustments. Our Warrior Cats Clan Generator creates a one-of-a-kind clan just for you! Get a unique clan name and title characters like Leader, Deputy, Medicine cat, and elders for your imaginary Warrior Cats clan. Created in 2020 by Tumblr user just-some-cat, Clangen has grown in popularity from a downloadable fan edit after the original creator stopped development. Clan Generator Challenge! MeadowClan Part 1">WARRIOR CATS: Clan Generator Challenge! MeadowClan Part 1. You can also use this random deck to get in the higher arena. Free, fan-made, warrior cat clan generator and story building game. A black and red mackerel tortoiseshell-tabby she-cat, with …. Created by some crow with a knife. The Dark Forest is a dark, shadowy forest with lots of tall, dark, gray trees. See a recent post on Tumblr from @spottyissleepwalking. ClanGen in Perchance ― PerchanceDo you want to create your own clan generator with Perchance, a powerful online tool for making random text generators? Learn how to use ClanGen, a template that lets you customize the names, traits, and relationships of your clan members. I'm bringing back old projects with a new twist! Remeber Mire Clan from the Random Clan Generator Challenge? Well, I'm bringing them back and making Morphs f. As well as a lot of rolling/coin flipping. Watch the previous stream: https://www. org/warrior-cat-clansI'm so excited to create even more of these cats!Apps used: IbisPaintX(Sub co. Deputy: Tawnyspirit- short-furred honey-colored tabby she-cat with a short tail. A new leader comes to power, looking over the cats they now rule, and makes a decision. If you haven't seen the first video, check it out here:@iHbwThat video explains the generator, clan, a. Challenge Clan Generator MARTINCLAN For this, this is a special generator for a special self-challenge I'm doing involving Warrior cats, so all of the Clans and such have the same amount of cats in them and whatnot. Clash of Clans is an immensely popular mobile game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. I enjoyed going all out for this clan generator challenge! My favorite design has to be Squirrelear, what is yours?Patreon: https:https:. The Clan needs a steady supply of warriors - ones …. FINAL PARTTTT :((This was so fun to do! I loved every second of designing some randomly generated kitties and I loved trying to link a few up and making some. The generator I used: https:// perchance. Heyyy!! It was super fun to be doing this challenge :DD! Please recommend me challenges or video ideas you'd like me to try! I may do them in the future mayb. Here is Part 2 to SpiritClan! The next part will be last of SpiritClan before I start on FrostClan!. The Generator: https://perchance. This is officially outdated! I highly suggest checking out this video by @sedgestripe1308 https://youtu. Get the latest fantasy news from the NFL Fantasy experts. Hey everyone!! I’m back with the second part of the Warriors Clan Generator Challenge! This video was a ton of work and took me a lot of time but I’m really. I draw the designs and you can own them! Easy as …. he he he what if cat in volcano Clan generator: https://perchance. HelloI hope you enjoyed I've been wanting to do this challenge for a while now and here it is. ItsWrenly's Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge. Check out this gen, too! Its more accurate to Clan-gen mechanics. and YES im done! I really enjoyed doing this challenge and editing the vid in this way lolanyway, Inso is all the vids about this challengemusic on the backg. If you're getting anything weird with the specific events, like natural disasters being odd for the season, or the wrong event showing up for what you selected, change both the season and event dropdowns to something else and then back, then click 'get. Warriors: Boulderdust - a light …. Disclaimer!! Something I forgot to touch on in the video!!! I do not claim the background, I didn’t make it! I found it on google, it was just a little somet. Seven Deadly Sins Legacy Challenge. you're viewing your generator with the url pixel-wc-oc-generator - you can: change its url; duplicate it; make private; download it; delete it; close if you click the button below, it will load a list of older versions of your generator so you can download them in case you accidentally deleted your code, or there was a. ⚠︎ This generator has errors (click here) ⚠︎. Birch found himself once again in the same strange land he’s seen for several nights. I'll add an update in the description when English captions are finished!I'm reall. It's labeled as such because that's what it is, a fan edit or a fork of a now unsupported (I think) game. ItsWrenly's Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge ― Perchance Generator. com/watch?v=rBG_QWLdjXUOTA on sorrelclan her. Part 2 because people seemed to actually like the first one. Spin the wheel to see which item comes up next. The Clan lost it's first medicine cat, Lavenderclaw, to greencough. be/8bhltBSOT5II had a lot of fun making these cats! I hope you will enjoy the other 7 members o. A litter of disabled kits are exiled, they all start their own clan, wishing to make peace. com/watch?v=Uc262L181E8Part two of this mini series: htt. DEPUTY: WILLOWWHISKER—a blue and cream, classic tortoiseshell-tabby she-cat, with short fur, and green eyes. These traits are considered to be positive. gg/HyqRDQjKtwitter: https://twitter. com/watch?v=sRO7QHFrJYEPART 2, here we go!! More Warriors to join our clan,. Clan generator challenge ]. NIGHTSTAR —a black and red, ticked tortoiseshell she-cat, with short fur, and yellow eyes. You have yellow eyes and has blind eyes. #warriorcats The Mod: https://nightly. #myart #wc #warrior cats #clan gen challenge #clan generator challenge #warrior cats designs #warrior cat ocs #clan generator #was going to do fullbodies but that would take centuries for me to finish so you get headshots #wc ocs #juniperclan #art. If you choose to read this, thank you. Too Many Tiny KITS in a Desperate Leaf. The Tribe has been doing well due to the weather being warmer. Clan Description - Describe the purpose or goal of your clan. ly/seriwarriorcats• A Paw In Each World Warr. This video could be alternately titled '. The names could be used for bad gangs, as well as honorable groups. Check out my other generators! clan generator. Original Cat Clans (Warriors) Not Beta Read; Warrior Clan Generator Challenge; Summary. Money making guides linked to the wiki to provide further detail. Clan Name Generator - you can generate random 30 names fit for gangs, clans, and other organized groups. com/channel/UCbcJOHqpE0t8LUPahOe. Generate a name for your clan, team or faction. Warrior Cats Clan Generator Art Challenge. Many links :’)Nefali’s vidhttps://youtu. ) If these requirements are not met, roll the “ Not Enough Prey. BlogClan Trailing Stars Trailing Stars Chapters. Clan Generator Challenge! | MERECLAN. The Clan is currently recovering from a contagious disease that took a large portion of their Cats, most of the cats believing that the father of the kits was one …. WARNING! SOON, THIS GENERATOR WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED, AS A REVAMP IS IN PROGRESS! Kithrobyn's Somewhat Detailed Clan Generator Using the Accordion Format, this is a somewhat detailed Clan Generator, taking inspiration from many others. The game can be downloaded from itch. Leader - You (If you don't want to choose your name, Flamestar- a tom with longfurred tortoiseshell fur and a mackerel tabby pattern. I know this trend is kinda died out already but I still wanted to have my own spin on it. Warriors Clan Generator Challenge. Hazelwind is an abnormally large, scrupulous, and melancholic queen, with silky, light grey tabby fur and cucumber-green eyes. There are three common naming conventions for good clan names: single entities, sports convention, or of a location. She is missing a claw on one paw. com/fernoek-Heyo! You are watching Ecoleaf's Legends and depending on when. Clan-Gen challenges! You got the art challenge! To do this challenge, make a clan and draw a character or characters of your choice! Hi! If you like this generator, and would like to suggest more challenges, DM riniriley (Rini^^Riley) on discord! Stable Diffusion Online AI Character Description Generator AI Text Adventure AI Text Generator AI. The Clan needs a steady supply of warriors - ones worthy of the rank - if it is to survive. I use he/him pronouns !!Hi!! This is a different video than usual but I thought it would be fun so !! Please let me know what you think and ask any questi. The clan was formed there fairly recently, 47 moons, or 4 years if you want to be exact. net, good clan names include Seven Stars, Ice Mavericks, Pink Punkz, Fraq Squad and Black Masters. No cats are allowed to have mates. This was fun to do : 3🐾🐾🐾FAQEditing software: Vegas Pro 17, Camtasia 2021Drawing/Animation Software: Clip Studio Paint, Opentoonz\Thumbnail editor: Photop. WARRIOR CATS: Clan Generator Challenge! FirClan Part 5. Upload your PSD file and we will do de rest!. org/warrior-cat-clansPART 1 BABY!! This challenge was so much fun! I definitely got attached to this clan and I hope you lik. i simply was too annoyed with the issues the perchance one had so made my own. be/l1R7QgZFNE8Original:https://youtu. There will always only be 1 medicine cat, no med cat apprentice to start with, and 10 warriors to begin with, as well as no Elders yet. the stairway to heaven What Lurks - A RP [Sign-Ups] ♥️ LGBTQ+ ♥️ we got a no 1. Hey y’all!I decided to try out the warriors clan generator challenge!Basically, you design a clan of cats (based off of the warriors series) that were genera. Wooo! second attempt at one of these! I'm having a lot of fun making these!Here's the link to the Warrior Cats Generator if you want to try it out for yourse. Sorry about how I sound, I am not good at recording at all. Warrior Cats Clan Name Generator. org/warrior-cat-clansThis is the f. link/sedgestripe/clangen/workflows/build/LifeGen-v0. Clan Gen and just realised what has. WIP Clan Generator Challenge || Warriors by FirestarLikesWaffles; Cloudshadow || OC REF FourtreesRP by FirestarLikesWaffles; WIP 200+ DMAC Entry by FirestarLikesWaffles; I Don't Miss You At All - OPEN Crowfeather MAP || Thumbnail Entry by FirestarLikesWaffles; The World Will Know- OPEN OC MAP | Thumbnail Entry by FirestarLikesWaffles. This thread consists generated names by me. Everything was fine until SLUGFACE ????? Thats a new "foxdung" there, poor guy. Warrior cat clan generator!!! Yippee!!! This generator features: Over 300 prefixes for your cats and clan. GENERATOR WILL NO LONGER BE. It does not generate scores for a leaderboard. Clan Generator Challenge Part 4. Clan Tag - What other players in the world see. Edit Link (Careful; anyone with this link can edit your list!) Shareable Link (Read-only, use to share your list with others) Recently Edited. Best decks that you can create with your cards. io/clan-gen-fan-editMy Socials:Instagram:http. It’s an addictive game that pits players against each other in a battle for resources and territory. Even more if you use a translator or the AI content rewriter. Clash of Clans is a popular mobile game that has been around for years. The Futurama reboot will be this on repeat for 22 minutes. ⇠⌦★⌫⇢⇠⌦★⌫⇢⇠⌦★⌫⇢Greetings! Would you like to drink a cup of water? no? I wasn’t asking. org/warrior-cat-clansI will make a video of the lore in the clan so. Here are some of the best clash royale deck that most of the top player uses the deck. Any kits born this moon must roll to see if they survive along with their mother as their ancestors do not smile upon them. Event Type: The patrol is sent out to the southern border. GUIDE ON HOW TO INSTALL AND PLAY CLAN. com/watch?v=EEv8IIEUEiM&t=4s&ab_channel=BrassclawedThe ge. To day I am choosing a clan to draw for the next video,I hope you like it,bye Fuzzy’s! :D. Her mate is Freezefire, and their son is Tallpaw. Other clans find Sunshineclan a kind-hearted clan. I have no experience drawing cats so enjoy my chaotic cats lolPart 2: https://youtu. warrior cat clan generator: https://perchance. All kits born inside the clan …. be/wZCHcgoWaBYOriginal:https://youtu. com/watch?v=rBG_QWLdjXU&t=46sHey guys!Haven’t uploaded in a while but thank you so much for the 53 subs!Edit: Part 2 is o. Scottish clan tartans hold a special place in the hearts of many proud Scots around the world. Even though the art in this is outdated, I still decided to upload this video. Meet Fireclan! This warriors design challenge was a lot of fun to do! I hope you enjoyed the video!Discord: https://discord. It was created in 2020 by Tumblr user just-some-cat, but has grown in popularity from a downloadable fan edit. [WinterClan] Random Clan Generator Challenge by SkechIndeed; FoxClan {Chapter 1} by -ScratchingPost-Studios I'm Following View all. (This excludes cats with max level cats, who need 0 pieces of prey in all seasons except leaf-bare. If you're getting anything weird with the specific events, like natural disasters being odd for the season, or the wrong event showing up for what you selected, change both the season. gg/CNApmcHHYnFireclan's lore: htt. Discover more posts about perchance generator. StormClan was founded by Crowstar, who lead the clan through 19 moons before he was savaged by a dog, taking all 8 of his lives at once. NIGHTCLOUD —a black mackerel tabby tom, with curly fur, and yellow eyes. RAVENNOSE —a black spotted tabby tom, with short fur, and hazel eyes. The other speedpaints will be released soon! :pI had tons of fun drawing these cats!Warrior Cats is n. Here’s the generator link: https://perchance. Possible warning for flashing lights (speeddraws) and warning for mentions of death and illness and mentions of bad relationships. ASPHODELLEG —a chocolate and red, mackerel tortoiseshell she-cat, with short fur, and copper eyes. hello everyone today I bring you the clan generator challenge! This was pretty fun, I really enjoy character design! Enjoy!btw I tried after effects and omg. Hopefully you all like this part as well! My art style has changed a bit since last time. Dark Forest Challenge! This one has a lot more rules. #animation #stickfigureanimations #stickman #stickmananimation #sticknodes #stickfighteranimation #Clan #clanapo. ly/serisims🐈🌳 Warrior Cats Clan Generator: Forests of Squirrels • 🐈 Warrior Cats: Clan Generator. a new series?! 👀 original clan generator creator | https://just-some-cat. Intro [Lets Art] WC Clan Generator Challenge - OakClan vixelzzz 17. It is average-aged, somewhat large, and its members use tribe names. #warriorcatsTHUMBNAIL ART: Fern” https://www. Finally got to do this (old) trend. Managers in different industries face challenges such as finding and retaining the right staff, creating products that appeal to multiple generations and creating a sustainable leadership pipeline. Every time an event occurs, each cat ages by 1 moon. 5K subscribers 124K views 1 year ago This generator was suggested to me, and I managed to somehow …. SPIDERTAIL —a black ticked tabby she-cat, with curly fur, and gold eyes. Tinystreak - tortoiseshell-and-white tom with amber eyes. com/channel/UCbcJOHqpE0t8LUPahOeIkdAInspired by: https://youtu. Battle invaders, participate in patrols, or aid the local medicine cat. There are seven deadly sins in live with are sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and greed and with the seven deadly sins challenge your sims can experience it all. However, keeping up with the ever-growing demand for high-quality content can be challenging and time-consuming. Discover more posts about warriors clan generator. The last part of my LowlandClan series! Hope to have more content out about these cats at some point Original challenge by: https://youtube. And check out my other generators. Rose Star doesn’t want to become another useless elder, he wants to help his. {{if you dislike spiders, when you get to 2:15 pause and skip to 4:06!!}}Hey everyone!!!! Thank you so so much for all the kind comments you have been leavin. SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG, LOVE YOU ALL 😭💕💕Generator used: https://perchance. Detailed Clan Generator Using the Accordion Format, this is a very detailed Clan Generator, taking inspiration from many others. I do not own any of the content displayed and do not intend to infringe the copyrights of the owner (Melanie Martinez). If the royal doctor cannot adopt, they will choose one of the peasant or knight kits. You can tap/click the cats' prefixes, suffixes, and traits, as well as the clan names, to individually randomize them. be/Uc262L181E8Audio: https://youtu. SeedClan: Warriors Clan Generator Challenge. Uncommon prey: squirrel and groundhog. But would mostly be from their kits point of veiw. (Outdated) Clan Generator Game. I changed Cormorantheart’s name to Sparrowheart because I don’t know what a Cormorant i. And there is Lily Clan, it was really fun coming up with these designs that I wanted to incorporate the real life cat the characters were generated as, but a. com/nyoko_arts/Despair Emporium comic I. Clan Generator Challenge Part 2. LEADER: COPPERSTAR—a black and red, classic tortoiseshell she-cat, with short fur, and gold eyes. My clan is called "DesertClan" and consists of 18 members. Clan Generator Challenge / Fogclan Part 2. So, yesterday, i made two posts on Clan-gen. This is directly based off one of my ongoing Clangen challenge runs. You can choose any name you fancy. You are a member of Thunderclan. Leader: Fawnstar- elderly smoky gray she-cat. If a cat has kits the kits (and/or parents if you want) Must be killed. °Clan Legacy Challenge° A predator attacks your camp (if number is ten or higher)/a patrol (if number is nine or lower)! Generate a number! If odd, someone dies. Background music- Magical Shoes by ConcernedApe https://youtu. io page! ClanGen is a game that lets you generate a Clan and then follow their story as it unfolds, perhaps influencing some of their decisions along the way. Finished Designs- 3:00I was able to finish this clan, I'm not as happy because you tell where my style changes, but I'm happy with the designs. current issues/things being worked on here! send suggestions, spelling/grammar issues, and/or bugs with this form! Willowfrost is a large 17 moon old medium-furred dark reddish-brown patched Russian Blue SkyClan mediator with dark blue eyes. THRIFTLEG —a mostly white, blue and cream classic calico-tabby she-cat, with short fur and copper eyes. First stream, thought to do the clan generation challenge just to get things started!. Leader: Morningstar - a light grey tabby she-cat with no special markings and light green eyes Deputy: Falconspring - a white tabby tom with no special markings and light blue eyes Medicine Cat: Lemonjay - a silver she-cat with no special markings and grey eyes. They appear above a cat's head and show the cat's role in a roleplay, along with a symbol that is colored to match whichever Clan or group they are in. SO I saw this challenge and i finally had the chance to sit down and do it. For the use of this clan names generator convention, combine a location, a thing, and preferably alliteration. This is the clan generator challenge. Warrior Cats Random Clan Generator Challenge (Woodruff Clan). Ill try to tell you step by step! :) PS: This will remove the information and the data you used to have in clangen! Go to https://clangen-web. Since 1961, Pepsi has had several slogans. More Warriors of Begoniaclan!! MAPLECATCHER— a mostly white, cinnamon and red mackerel calico-tabby tom, with short fur and green eyes. Clash of Clans is an incredibly popular mobile game that has captured the attention of millions of players around the world. Make your own dress up game or character creator for free! No coding required. org/warrior-cat-clansOriginal ; NefaliAlso thanks to Echo for helpingWant to use fun Littlesprout emojis ?Become a Sprou. Join the ClanGen Discord Server! Check out the ClanGen community on Discord - hang out with 11,269 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat. Warrior cats fan | Blog about my Warriors OCs | OC Stories | Main Blog @jynxedtea. It’s when most of the prey is scarce. Deputy: Ivy hood- a short-furred golden genderfluid cat. This name generator will give you 10 random names for cats or clans in the Warriors universe. The did allow other people to continue it, and a fan of the game did exactly that. org/warrior-cat-clansoriginal video | https://www. The Place of No Stars (residence). Free Game Creation Tool ~ meiker. Press ''more tools'' (not sure what its …. Welcome! This is Nefali's Clan Generator challenge using the perchance generator https://perchance. Click on name that you want to add to your selected favorites list. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. first video babes ! clan generator | https://perchance. Original idea from: @therealnefali go check their channel out! #warriorcats. Our clan is called SavannaClan, a new clan which lives in burrows underneath a vast grassy plains. This is part three of the clan generator challenge. You MUST always pick the most violent/rude option. Добре, нямам много какво за казване освен, че съм зле в измисляне на истории за по 5 минути и за character-и които. Clan Generator Challenge # 2. original by: Nefali: https://www. Check out which generator inspired this …. In the sprawling forest, where the whispering leaves dance to the rhythm of ancient legends, and the moon casts its silver glow upon the moss-covered grounds, destiny awaits. Stalk your prey! Hunt rabbits, mice, frogs, thrushes, fish, and squirrels. flint clan moons 1-2! not a lot was happening and then everything was happening hope no one dies. Enter the number in the input field to generate the number of different clan names. Created by InShot:https://inshotapp. Hello! This is the part 2- seven months in the making. This generator is enhanced with ChatGPT, and GPT-4. io, the indie game hosting marketplace. So since everyone (including me) loved the layout and style of the Clan Generator Challenge video, here's me introducing my main Clan, FogClan!! It got such. clydedolly » Shared Projects (231). Hello everyone! I'm back from vacation with the fifth video in my take on Nefali's Clan Generator Challenge using the perchance generator. Clan Life 2: Moon ― Perchance Generator. Find games tagged clan-generator-challenge like Warrior cats clan generator on itch. China blocked Tumblr because of pornography and censorship problems in 2013. Hope you enjoy me rambling abut the fictional cats in a game I played!Get the game here:https://sablesteel. 🖌️ Commissions OPEN- https://www. Warnings: possible flashing from speeddraws, mentions of death and illness. These guys only exist so Phantom can be in a warrior cat OC MEPhonestly though it was fun to experiment with body shapes (even if I did trace real cats fo. While many dispersed… a few stayed. In today’s fast-paced digital world, content creation plays a crucial role in the success of businesses. Selecting the naming convention for your clan name. Neighboring Clans: Check the boxes to have these Clans included!. Hey guys, I am in no way a cat breed expert. So YouTube decided to recommend me warriors cats clan generator challenge and…. 0:00 / 10:09 MireClan | WCUE | Random Clan Generator Challenge | Part 1 Cupicate 3. This is my first voiced video, I know it's not that great but I had a lot of fun making it. watch Sprout's video! https://youtu. Are you a fan of strategy games and looking for a new challenge? Look no further than Clash of Clans, one of the most popular mobile games available today. The main focus of this part is on the other warriors of the clan while I again ramble a little about genetics in cats!Link to the Generator: https://perchanc. Welcome back! This is part 3 of me doing Nefali's Clan Generator challenge using the perchance generator https://perchance. com/amaryllis022So I've been seeing this Clan Gene. io/clan-gen-fan-editTutorial Vid: https://www. Clash of Clans is a popular mobile strategy game that has been around for years. I will be adding more details in the near future, so please post in the comments any suggestions/feedback you might have. ☁️ CirrusClan ☁️ (Warrior cats clan generator challenge). Here is Petalclan, the small clan with big hearts!My favorite flowers are purple Rose. These parameters include, Editor, Image, Translate, Prefix, etc. Songs on the background in order to appear:The Binding of Isaac ost: Sacrifici. If even, no one dies, but at least five/the amount of cats on the patrol are injured. Leafbare is the worst time of the year for the clan cats. Enter the iconic Forest Territory and become a warrior of ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, or RiverClan. Challenge for clan-gen! Things you will need: - Aug 10th release. Sorry for the pops in the audio, I am still learning how to record my voice without sounding like a garbage monster. ClanGen is a fan game originally created by just-some-cat on Tumblr. edit: oh shit this is my most viewed video now uhhgenerator: https://perchance. three recently made warriors decided to go on a patrol together and in their first patrol as warriors they have stumbled upon an abandoned kit. Im late for the trend also sorry for that long video I didn’t do something new. To play Clash of Clans on your computer, you first need to download an. DUNNOCKFANG —a short haired, taupe tom, with gold eyes. PAPAYACLAN For this, this is a special generator for a special self-challenge I'm doing involving Warrior cats, so all of the Clans and such have the same amount of cats in …. SableSteel published ClanGen. LEADER FROSTSTAR—a white tom, with short fur, and yellow eyes. Now, with the release of Clash of Clans Free Play, you can. I once did a Prophecy/event called "A vision of Death and Snow" And basically used a perchance generator I made. you're viewing your generator with the url clanmaker - you can: change its url; duplicate it; make private; download it; delete it; close if you click the button below BadgerClan is a proud and brooding Clan that lives next to an icy river. I am excited to have you all here. io/clan-gen-fan-editInstagram:https://www. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms. org/warrior-cat-clansBreakdown + Rambles Playlist: https://youtube. Hope you enjoy!_____Original?: https://youtu. smallrapid hesitates but his two friends felt sympathetic of this. you're viewing your generator with the url clangen-event-generator - you can: change its url; duplicate it; make private; download it; delete it; Clangen extra event generator (Clan thinning) For cats curious about other clans, relationships, and more. - There is now more variation in relationship initialization, which allows cats to have more varied relationships with their family. Apprentices!Link to the Generator: https://perchance. Warrior Clan Generator Challenge; Original Cat Clans (Warriors) Ambiguous/Open Ending; Winter; Not Beta Read; No Dialogue; Short One Shot; Summary. org/warrior-cat-clansChapters:0:00 Intro0:26 About AshClan0:51 The Leader1:55 The Deputy2:41 Outro:PLEASE DO NOT STEAL ANY. FLASHING IMAGES WARNING !!!Another video! Started this challenge around 2 weeks ago(?) and finished it today lol i am a great procrastinatoranyway hope y. I've decided to try out the Clan Generator Challenge again with Fogclan! These cats were very different than Rosemaryclan, and I enjoyed making them! I proba. added smoke pattern; added amber mutation; added. Hit the copy button to copy the selected names in your list, and paste the list to use anywhere you. This is Ravenstone, the Deputy! :DThe Clan Generator Challenge: https://perchance. Clan-Gen challenges! You got the art challenge! To do this challenge, make a clan and draw a character or characters of your choice! Hi! If you like this generator, and would like to suggest more challenges, DM riniriley (Rini^^Riley) on discord!. The Iroquois have many symbols including turtles, the tree symbol that alludes to the Great Tree of Peace, the eagle and a cluster of arrows. A part two for all the goofy goobers asking for one uwuWow, thanks so much for the support of the last episode! It means a lot to me ️Just know guys, I'm not. Leopardclaw - bossy, adventurous, lean gray tom, dark blue eyes. It's really muffled and bad, so I hope if I do this again, it'll be better. Settings Game mode: Expanded Edition. With our name generator, we have got a mega list of warrior cats monikers for you. As Rose Star grows old, he worries about the future of his clan. I’m really glad I got it done finally. 2 Years in GalaxyClan! (Clan Gen Game). Though sadly enough I have a new group of clans and story that I feel more attracted too. The Clan has the average set of ranks in their Clan (leader, deputy, healer, etc. CROWLEG —a black mackerel tabby tom, with long fur, and amber eyes. Disaster clan gen ― Perchance Generator. #warriorcats #clangenerator #pixelart THUMBNAIL ART: Fern” https://www. And then keep notes of which cats get into fights, act weird or just have negative feelings towards athority figures. Heyo!!This is the part where I'll design a queen, Lionclaw, and her three kits that were created by @/Poopy poop on a community post and voted on by you guys. Chat; Roleplay; Goofies; Warrior Generator; 100 Moons Challenge. Clan Gen Events ― Perchance Generator. As the game has grown in popularity, so too have the num. Let the nostalgia roll in! I've been loving watching these warriors clan gen challenge videos so I decided to try for myself! Wow, it was way harder than I t. so!) #holly speaks #loud whispers #perchance generator #kirby. Eventually, your favorite Warrior Cats will start appearing under "Found Favorites". Altruistic Calm Charismatic Compassionate Confident Daring Faithful Loving Loyal Patient Playful Responsible Righteous Smart Tactician Thoughtful Wise Aloof Wise Knowledgeable Sarcastic Warm Proud Determined Sincere These traits are considered to be neutral. io/clan-gen-fan-edit~~~~In this challenge, you are to breed as many cats as possible as QUICK as possible! Warning, it is a strong po. In this video, I do the warrior clan generator challenge!So, I've seen the clan generator challenge in my recommendations for a while now, and now it's time. ANOTHER CLAN GEN VIDEO, WOOP WOOP! In this video we make 3 new morphs: A leader, a deputy and a warrior. You can also hover over some text for more information. Pricklebee - long-furred, well-muscled very pale tortoiseshell tabby tom with golden eyes and two dark paws. Welcome to Part 1 of a mini-series I'm doing for the clan generator challenge! This looked super fun, and after seeing so many other artists do this and part. Hopeclan was devesestated by the tornado that ripped through their camp, killing all but two members. The totem their leader sits upon to give a clan meeting is known as the Jagged log. I decided to attempt (ahem ahem) the clan generator challenge! It was fairly interesting and challenging- I mean it IS a challenge- It was fun to have some n. This version includes the latest features that are a work in progress. Following the naming convention of sports teams can create some good clan names. Firstly this was supposed to be just for me because i don't have Clan gen. It will be noted in the challenge notes. Here's the link to the generator: https://perchance. Forge of Empires is an online strategy game that has been around since 2012. You can continue as long as you like to construct an arbitrarily long list of your favorite characters!. SKIPPERSTAR | a red spotted (mackrel) tabby tom with short fur, low white …. io/clan-gen-fan-edithttps://youtu. com/@NyokoArtsClangen website: https://sablesteel. Best for when you have too many cats. Spire Clan of Clan-Gen! #warriorcats #clangen #clangeneratorPlay the game: https://sablesteel. I thank Dejan in advance for giving me an opportunity to expand Bannerlord's name generating list, I will …. You are a tom and an elder of Thunderclan. And when the clan inevitably gets too crowded, pick a couple of. se/CottontigressDeviantart-https://www. Designing a Warrior Cat Clan from a Generator. LIGHTFOOT —a white she-cat, with long fur, and blue eyes. Works the same as the development branch! Follow this tutorial, just use the page for the mod instead of the one shown. This was an interesting one to do, and took me 18hours to fini. Warriors is a very popular book series about the adventures of 4 clans of cats, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan. - - - - - - Wigeonpaw never felt like she belonged. Hey Guys, I'm Back with the Warrior Cats Clan Generator Challenge! :DToday I started with the Clan Leader: NightstarThe Clan Generator Challenge: https://per. TANSYPELT —a apricot mackerel "pseudo-tabby" tom, with short fur, and hazel eyes. Songs used: - Apollo - Momma : https://youtu. Hone your draft skills in a quick mock draft against real players. New Features: - New white patches: MAO, CHESTSPECK, PAINTED, WINGS, and BLACKSTAR. I can't believe I'm finally done with the whole clan! 23 cats later and I feel my designing skills have grown quite a bit!! My editing skills, too (sorr. The expected number of different clan names will appear. Part 3 of this mini-series I'm doing! We're almost through all of Fogclan, which is a little hard to believe! I honestly can't wait to design the last few ca. - - - - - Leafbare always caused sickness to appear in the clan. This generator was suggested to me, and I managed to somehow draw 16 cats in the span of 6 hours. See a recent post on Tumblr from @spottyissleepwalking about clan generator challenge. I had this entire video voiced over but I’m really self-conscious. Random wheel is an open-ended template. I've been seeing a lot of videos of other artists in the Warriors community doing this, so I was inspired to hop on board and make one myself!! I really love. With every video I do on this series I follow the generator less and less lmao. Focus of this part are the three queens of DesertClan and the one elder. Scorchfrost- pale blue mackerel female with dark green eyes and dark brown tips. They prefer to eat lagomorphs and crustaceans. AI Chat AI Image Generator AI Anime Generator AI Human Generator AI Person Generator Stable Diffusion Online AI Character Description Generator AI Text Adventure AI Text Generator AI. Once a prosperous Clan, FlowerClan fell into ruin, with few cats remaining. Will you be a brave and valiant leader, or perhaps a clever and resourceful medicine. Warriors: Fuzzy scratch- a medium-furred. be/rBG_QWLdjXUFinished designs- 3:00pose ref for yellow-claw: https://pin. a muscular dark charcoal gray _ she-cat with white spots and seafoam green eyes. SUBSCRIBE!Nyoko arts: https://youtube. NETHER'S CENTER OF GENERATORS. In her family, her clan, or in any part of the …. ROOKSTREAM —a sparse haired, black mackerel tabby she-cat, with hazel eyes. UPDATE: There's a part 2 now! :D https://www. CLAN GENERATOR CHALLENGE ft. com/playlist?list=PLLsPP2JuoV-hTkENhY4kIBbkYn86BXFEhHow. Cats, clan-gen, clangen, Fangame, Open Source, warrior, warriors. 🐾🐾🐾A remake of the Part 1 of the Clan Generator Challenge by Nefali, including the Leader, deputy and medicine. Oh boy it's here! I'm so excited for you to finally meet my silly children. Among its most iconic symbols is the tartan, a patterned fabric that has become synonymous with Scottish heritage. A collection of continuous Clangen challenges but I'm planning to go absolutely off the rails with these ones. Clan Generator Challenge: Shoreclan. Hopefully you all like this part as much as the last one!My art style has changed even more since the las. Now you can generate a clan that is suited to your needs, and is not totally random! 2. Hi as of posting this it is currently valentines day(and even if it isn’t I hope you had a good day)! Please know even if you don’t have one I admire you and. This is the perchance clan generator that I used today. After positing my ClanGen video, I took a bit of a break before sta. Share Share by Tawnypawjuniperclan. This is a tutorial on how to play the experimental version of Clan-Gen. The clan's camp is nestled in a crowded swamp, hidden amongst the many mangrove trees in a soggy ditch. back when that design a random clan speedpaint trend was going around, i wanted to do it, but i didnt want to use the generator everyone was using because i just wasn't all that fond of it- there's nothing wrong with it persay, but it generates a lot of the same names (a lot of the clans i generated had asphodel- cormorant- or coot- or sometimes all three) and it doesn't have kits, so it wasn. so things are off to a great start in soggyclan. The Warrior Cats Challenge is notable for being one of the longest to record series on Seri's channel, episode-wise, and is also the second most-viewed roleplay series on her channel, with the first episode having over 800,000. Read the most popular clangeneratorchallenge stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. I apologise for any stuttering; this is my first time doing something like this haha ^^'On another note, I've been looking forward to making this video! I ha. this is another drawing challenge i found and decided to try, in this video i draw the leader, med cat, and deputy of a auto generated clan called CometClan. org/warrior-cat-clansFollow Star Cat Studio for updates and sneak peaks! https://www. Last page of Warriors then we move on to the Apprentices of Begoniaclan WARRIORS MISTLETOEBROOK— a long haired, velvet and red, pinpoint tortoiseshell-tabby she-cat, with cerulean eyes. After 2 years, I return with the first part of a challenge series: Clan Generator Challenge: DesertClan Link to the Generator: https://perchance. Clan Generator Challenge #3. Clan Name Generator is a fun website that allows anyone to create a unique name for any clan The Clan Name generator currently can create over 2,409,750 unique results. The Grand Name Generating Thread. 💚Join the Pixel Biology Community! • http://bit. Design your own Allegiances list and start your Warrior Cats Legacy! What will you do in the game of Warrior Cats: Untold Legacy?. ROOKCLOUD —a short haired, black she-cat, with copper eyes. I AM NOT LATE TO THE TRENDI started it in June and never got around to posting it until now. The fate of the Clans is unclear. Hello everybody! In this video, the third part of my Clan Generator Challenge series, I will be drawing the cats of HawthornClan! This clan took me the longe. In today’s fast-paced digital world, content is king. For discussion about the game, bugs and development please join the new discord server: https://discord. ROOKCLAW —a black spotted tabby tom, with long fur, and amber eyes. AI Chat AI Image Generator AI Anime Generator AI Human Generator AI Person Generator Stable Diffusion Online AI Character Description Generator AI Text Adventure AI. This was my first time doing a voiceover for my art and I had a lot of fun doing it!Music:Rises The Moon 1Hour Music Box @erinmusicbox - https://www. Eyyy been a while! I thought it would be reallyyy fun to try my own hand at it! and I ended up kinda starting a domino effect of people in the server trying this out,, so that was very fun! Anyway,, I won’t fully get into BirchClan’s "lore" that I had come up with, or really explain the family trees in.